Thursday, August 25, 2016

For Your Dragon Con Trip Listening Pleasure

So Dragon Con is in one week’s time. Some of you are flying into town. Some of you are driving. Some of you- like me –will be driving a looooong way. Maybe you’re with a group, maybe you’re by yourself. Either way, the trip can have its long moments. Lots of people like to fill those bits of a trip with something of the audio variety as a form of distraction. Sometimes it’s some tunes, sometimes it’s an audio book. Let me suggest some podcasts.

Specifically, let me suggest some Dragon Con related podcasts. There are a number of them out there that are entertaining as well as informative, and they’re a great way to help get into the Dragon Con spirit (like any of us need any real help at this point) as we travel to Dragon Con. The podcasts I’m going to offer up for your listening pleasure can be downloaded from the website links I’ll be providing and/or are available on iTunes. 

Obviously, since this is the Needless Things website, I’m going to suggest the Needless Things Podcast’s Dragon Con episodes. I don’t just suggest them because I’m contractually obligated to do so or because the boss will withhold my Needless Things paycheck this week if I don’t. No, I suggest them because they’re entertaining to listen to. If the podcast wasn’t a blast to listen to, I’d have never ended up writing here to begin with. So, without further ado…

The two obvious suggestions for both entertainment value as well as for informing you about what’s in store for you at this year’s Dragon Con are the most recent podcasts. The first is from last week and has the Phantom Troublemaker talking to Gary and Joe from the American Sci-Fi Classics Track.

This next one talks puppetry at Dragon Con (and beyond) and you must give it a listen. Even if you don’t think puppetry is your thing, give it a listen. Why? Because I was “that guy” a few years ago that saw the word “Puppetry” on the Dragon Con schedule and just passed on by because I really had no interest in panels about Muppets at this point. Well, I was an idiot. There’s a lot more to the Puppetry Track than Muppets and Fraggles (although they are represented) and there’s a lot more there than just stuff for kids or the kid inside you. Beau Brown and crew have put together an amazing track of programming where you will be entertained and you will learn some pretty amazing stuff even as your kids are finding the stuff they love. Oh, and the late night Puppet Slam is hilarious and absolutely not safe for kids.

If you’ve never heard the ESO Dragon Con Khan Report podcasts before, you should give them a listen. As a matter of fact, you might even want to give them a listen before you drive down. I’m only including the most recent two, but you can follow the links to the ESO website and find more. You’ll find each Khan Report podcast packed with good advice, updates, and info about getting ready for con as well as what’s in store for you when you get there. Plus they’re just a lot of fun to listen to. If you seek them out on iTunes, they’re under the Earth Station One podcast and mixed in with their regular podcasts.

JC and Rita De La Torre are a husband and wife pair of geeks who have something that not even every Hollywood married couple automatically have- they have really good chemistry together when it comes to being entertaining. They put that chemistry to good use with the Transmissions from Atlantis podcast. While their podcast schedule has been impacted a bit lately due to spreading their creative wings into indie filmmaking and the many long hours that can eat up, there was no way they were skipping out on getting into the Dragon Con spirit.

Their 2016 Mega Preview is packed with that spirit. For this episode of the podcast they brought on a number of guests that include Dragon Con media officials, Dragon Con track directors, and Dragon Con guests and attending professionals.  The talk is lively and fun and this one will definitely keep your attention and keep you awake during that long drive to Atlanta.

Every year The Unique Geek builds up to Dragon Con with their annual event- 50 Days of Dragon Con. Jon and Leigh (the Dragon Con X-Track director) put out a near daily podcast filled with updates about Dragon Con, chats with various Dragon Con track directors and officials, and guests who can provide valuable tips for a better convention experience. Oh, and there’s also a lot of joking, laughing, and a lot of pop culture trivia games worked around Dragon Con’s 30th Anniversary theme.

If you follow the link I provided above, you can go to their website and download the episodes. They’re also available on iTunes under The Unique Geek. Here are a few listening recommendations.







Then there are the podcasts that have aired the fan panels that the podcast hosts were a part of. Enjoy some of the panels from past Dragon Cons while you’re moving on down the road and heading to this year’s Dragon Con.

The next batch is a little bit different. They’re not actually panels from Dragon Con or from any other convention. They are however very much Dragon Con related. These guys are going to be hosting a lot of panels on the Horror Track this year. Here are a few examples of why you want to be at their panels this year. Welcome to Decades of Horror…

Finally, here are a few fan panels that you can’t download from the site and you may not be able to find on iTunes anymore. But, hey, you’ve got a week to enjoy some older Dragon Con geekiness while you’re getting ready to go.

This is honestly just the tip of the iceberg. Go to something like iTunes and enter either “Dragon*Con”, “DragonCon”, or “Dragon Con” into the search engine and you’ll get a lot of podcasts. Some will be older, some will be newer, some will be people hyping the upcoming 2016 event, and quite a few will be panels from years past.

Jerry Chandler is a lifelong geek, dabbling in just about every genre but finding science fiction and horror to be his primary comfort zones. He has also had a lifelong devotion to that form of entertainment known as professional wrestling. When not worrying that his coworkers are going to inflict bodily harm onto him over his sense of humor, he enjoys hitting the convention scene or making indie films with his friends. He also finds talking about himself in third person to be very strange.

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