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Dragon Con 2016 – Some Highlights to Look Forward To and Some DC2016 News

Wow. I was largely going to be plugging the Horror Track and some friends who will be attending the convention for the first time and doing so as panelists. I’m still going to do that, but some news came up in the last seven days that really needs to get screamed from the rooftops to ensure that the word is circulated amongst this year’s attendees.
I’m going to hit some highpoints on the first two topics, but you can get more detail on these and more bits of news here.

Big Announcement for Dragon Con 2016!!! [dragoncontv]

If you’ve never seen the Dragon Con Parade, this is the year you’re going to see it. Why? They’ve just made it easier than ever to see the parade either live and/or later in the evening.  How? Because this year the parade will be carried live on the Atlanta’s CW. That’s right; the channel that carries some of the very same shows that will be represented by the Dragon Con guest list this year will broadcast the parade both live and in primetime. You don’t need to be out on the street or be in a host hotel to see it, you just need a TV.

But a better bit of news broke this past Tuesday night. One of the huge perks of getting into a host hotel has for years been being able to watch DragonConTV. You couldn’t see it anywhere else, and it was seen by many as a huge perk. If you missed a major panel or event; there was a good chance it would be on the DCTV at some point in the weekend. A lot of folks also talked about how cool it was to be able to collapse in their room when they were just too tired to keep going that day and flip on the DCTV feed to enjoy a little bit more of the con experience before crashing.

But there were a lot of folks who couldn’t see it. The attendance figures are moving upwards of 75,000 people. There aren’t enough available rooms in the host hotels for everyone to be able to get into one for the weekend. Well, now you don’t have to. Dragon Con has just announced that you can go to the Dragon Con Store and purchase streaming access to DCTV for a mere $10 and see it on your computer, laptop, or other mobile devices.

Now, there’s still one major limitation here. You have to be a Dragon Con 2016 member. You have to have already bought your membership to attend this year’s show in order to be able to have access to the service. Some of you may be thinking that there’s another limitation here. Yeah, you’re likely thinking, it’d be nice to have the DCTV of you aren’t in a host hotel, but you’re not sure about paying $10 to stream while there given the issues with cell service and internet over the Labor Day weekend. You could pay $10 and not always have the best stream going while there. Here’s the thing- it’s not going to be just there, and it’s not going to be just Labor Day Weekend.

Their goal is to have the streaming up and running before the big show. Actually, from what I’ve read, you should be able to stream by the time this sees electronic print. They’ll be streaming content before 2016’s Dragon Con from 2015’s Dragon Con- including stuff that has not been aired or been released since 2015’s convention. Again, see the discussion in the video for more details on that or look here

But it gets even better. That $10 also pays for three additional months of streaming after the convention is over. For three months after the convention is over and you’ve gone home you will be able to log on, bring up the feed, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Dragon Con 2016 any time of the day or night that you want to. I don’t know about you, but for someone like me this is a great deal. We all have things we wished we could have seen but missed, and that goes double if you are, as I am, a volunteer who works a chunk of the day every day of con.

I’m hoping a lot of people take advantage of this. If it does well and is successful- both as a service and insofar as the number of attendees taking advantage of this service –it was hinted at in Crispy and Brian’s chat in the above video that it may get bigger and better. I would love to see this become a regular thing even as it is being described for this year. If it gets even better, that would just be fantastic for fans of Dragon Con.

Oh, by the way… The App has started updating for 2016. Take a drink.

Now, let’s look at some of the guests and events this year, and then I’ll move on to plugging some friends.

Warehouse 13 fans rejoice! Cast members of the show will be in attendance this year, but high on my list to see is Eddie McClintock. Why? Because he’s a really great guy. He’s one of those guys who really appreciates the fact that fans appreciate him, and he’ll often go out of his way to make a photograph with him at the convention a memorable one for the fans. Plus, he’s a really great guy. Yeah, I said it twice. There’s a reason for that. If you’re a fan of anything he’s been in, stop by his spot on the Walk of Fame and find out why it was worth saying it twice.

You should know by now that I’m a big horror guy, but I’m also a sci-fi and superhero guy. This year is going to be awesome for anyone else who likes those genres as the guest list for Dragon Con 2016 has members of shows old and new for superheroes and sci-fi. The Flash, Daredevil, Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Manimal, and others are on hand to represent for the superheroes while cast members from the various Stargate shows, Firefly, Buck Rogers, the afore mentioned Warehouse 13, Doctor Who, Torchwood, the various Star Treks, and others will be on hand for sci-fi.

Then there’s the horror and urban fantasy…

There’s a lot to see in the way of those genres, but the Horror Track looks really fun this year. There are several reasons for that.

This year the focus looks to be leaning heavy towards the classics. There will be panels on the Hammer Horror of the 1970s, Fulci, King, and others. Oh, one of those others will be the Blind Dead. Let me say that again- THE BLIND FREAKING DEAD! 

But it has the potential to be even better than just the topics will make it. The boss has already announced his participation in the Horror Track as a panelist this year in his own Dragon Con write-up, so you know that means some potential fun. Now check some of the other announced panelists.

This year’s Horror Track is going to have the talented and entertaining Grue Crew from Gruesome Magazine and Horror News Radio on-board as panelist. I’ve been a fan of the Grue Crew for several years now- and in one case more than just a fan and for a quite few years longer. If you see a Horror Track panel listed with any of these guys on it as panelists, do yourself the favor of making the time for it.

If you’re reading this, the odds are greater than 99% that you enjoy listening to the Phantom Troublemaker on the Needless Things podcast and on any other podcast he’s guested on. You’ll enjoy the Grue Crew just as much. If you see any of their names attached to a panel, you know you’re guaranteed a good time.

Oh, one last thing. For all you people getting all a flutter over the news that Alan Tudyk will be back again and are talking about Firefly or Con Man (or even the awesome few of you I’ve seen bringing up the original Death at a Funeral), I have one thing to say to you…

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Find it, buy it, watch it, and love it.

Jerry Chandler has noted that Dragon Con is only 14 days away. Everybody says it, but this time he really does mean it. He’s not even close to ready yet…

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