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Random Bits and Pieces (6/23/2016)

I’ve got lots of little things on my mind this week rather than one big thing. Here they are.

The word just broke this week that Flashpoint is going to be the focal point of the next season of the Flash television show. I’ll be honest; this makes me both excited and nervous. While the CW’s Flash television show has had its darker moments, it’s been a show that’s largely more fun in tone than anything else. Flashpoint was a dark, gritty storyline that has roughly equal odds of being a great story for the season or a complete disaster that throws the series of the rails.

It will also be interesting to see what characters they’ll be able to bring in as well as how they’ll handle the story on a TV budget. Parts of the story can certainly be told on a smaller scale, but there are some aspects of the story that need an epic level feel to them. Oh, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan has already stated that he’d love to play the Flashpoint Batman. I could totally love that casting.


The new King Kong for the next Kong film is reported to be a little over 100 feet tall. The next project involving Kong after this will supposedly be an updated King Kong vs Godzilla film featuring the new Kong and the new (American) Godzilla. The 2014 film’s Godzilla was somewhere around 350 feet tall. Again, the new King Kong will be a little over 100 feet tall. Kong better start hitting his Wheaties or his roids. Either way...


We’re not just getting a new Ghostbusters film; we’re getting a new cartoon. I half expected such an announcement as we got closer to the new film’s release date. It makes sense given the nature of the business these days. However, the new series isn’t following the characters from the new film, and, no, they’re not going back to the old-school crew either. The new series is reportedly going to be set in the future world of 2050 and will follow a core group of next generation team members who travel the world to capture ghosts with the help of local teams. Ivan Reitman is onboard and running the production, so there’s hope for it.

Done right, this idea has a lot of potential. I do like the idea of the team being a next generation team with roots connecting back to the older team(s). It’s actually a concept I said should have been the way they went with the new film. But there’s even more potential in the globetrotting concept. The legends of ghosts and demons all of the world and the rules that they play by are amazingly diverse when you actually look into them rather than just calling it (as an example) a Chinese ghost and writing it as if it were an American based story. Yeah, it’s going to be the Ghostbusters going someplace new and capturing a ghost more or less every episode, but what they do with that could be really interesting if done right.


Dragon Con is right around the corner. We’re absolutely down to the wire here. Check your hotel reservations. There have been some hiccups being reported out there, so better safe than sorry.

Start checking out Dragon Con TV’s website if you haven’t done so already. They’re starting doing some early broadcasting this year to get everyone up to speed before con. Lots of big stuff coming, lots of things getting changed around. It’s an easy way to get up to speed and stay up to speed.

While you’re at it, check out the latest ESO Dragon Con Khan Reports. You’ll get a lot of good updates throughout the year leading up to the big event.


Brock Lesnar is returning to the UFC, but he isn’t leaving the WWE to do it. His announced opponent for UFC 200 is Mark Hunt. Let’s be honest, it’s basically a freak show fight. UFC was apparently desperate for a big buy rate on UFC 200, so they got a big name for it. Still, it’s a better quality freak show fight than we’ve seen from Bellator recently.

Brock apparently wanted to get back into the octagon as well, stating that he was determined to have at least one more go at it to see what he could do when healthy. He was almost never fighting while not suffering from diverticulitis during his first run, and he’s stated that it bothers him that he never really fought or left on his terms.

Heavy betting odds are on Hunt to win, but this is actually a fight that could go either way. It’s going to be short and sweet standing, or long and messy on the ground. Hey, anything could happen. After all, who would have guessed that CM Punk would transition from WWE to UFC at his age and still be undefeated going on 19 months later? ;)


Speaking of the WWE, we have a new champ. Roman Reigns- after seemingly endless attempts by the WWE to push him to the moon -was pinned in the ring by the man who never lost the belt, Seth Rollins. Seth’s victory was short lived however as Dean Ambrose cashed in his freshly won Money in the Bank briefcase by cracking Rollins over the skull, calling for the match to start, and pinning the champ. In one PPV, in one five minute period, every former member of The Shield was the WWE Champion.

The Money in the Bank PPV also underscored why you should take any internet reporting about why the WWE does anything with a large grain of salt. The morning after the PPV there were a number of reports that the reason for the title change was poor house show attendance. The claim was that the ‘A’ show tour headlined by Reigns was failing to sell out larger venues while the ‘B’ show tour headlined by Ambrose was filling smaller venues with as many people or more than were being seen on the other tour. 24 hours later it came out that Roman violated policy by flunking a wellness test, and the WWE knew about it prior to the Money in the Bank broadcast.

No matter the reason, the title picture should be fun for a while.


Funny bit of timing here. Coming out of ConCarolinas I wrote the piece about the story behind North Korea kidnapping a South Korean director and actress and later a Japanese film crew. One of the members of the Needless Things Facebook page pointed this bit of breaking entertainment news out to me about a week later. They’ve done a documentary on the story.

I still recommend getting the book I referenced in the piece I wrote since you’re bound to get more details and more history around the incident that way. However, this should be a damned interesting documentary to see when it drops later this year. 

And with that, I’m out of here.

Jerry Chandler is a lifelong geek, dabbling in just about every genre but finding science fiction and horror to be his primary comfort zones. He has also had a lifelong devotion to that form of entertainment known as professional wrestling. When not worrying that his coworkers are going to inflict bodily harm onto him over his sense of humor, he enjoys hitting the convention scene or making indie films with his friends. He also finds talking about himself in third person to be very strange.

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